G - 1 Champions League Western Qualifier Coming Soon

G – 1 Champions League Asian qualifier is well under way. The invitations and date of the event has been released recently. G – 1 Champions League is trying to gain global influence and all its invitations of Western are top teams including Na’vi. Can’t wait for the excellent races!

Unlike the Asian qualifier, the Western qualifier will not feature an open bracket, instead it will feature 12 invited teams participating in a two phase qualifying system.

Phase one will see eight teams playing a Best of Three single elimination playoff bracket with the four teams that manage to win their games moving on to phase two.

Phase two will be a Best of Three double elimination playoff bracket with the top two teams securing their spot in the LAN finals as well as paid for accommodation and flight tickets to said event.

14th-15th April: Phase One
16th-17th April: Phase Two (Two Best of Three each day)
23th-26th April: Phase Two (Two Best of Three each day)
27th April: Phase Two Loser's bracket final


NAVI DreamHack Winter 2012 Documentary

Na’vi failed to advance to top 4 on Dota 2 DreamHack Winter 2012 and they might don’t expect such a result. Na’vi club recorded a video for them. It seems a little sarcastic to watch the video now. This year, they changed their roster. Hope the video can arise their will to fight and show the world the power of Dota 2 dominator!

We are proud to present you the DotA2-movie about team Natus Vincere - "The Game We Love". It's the result of our collaboration with NLGSeries.com worth 4 months of hard work. The footage was recorded at Dreamhack Winter 2012 which saw Natus Vincere's unexpected loss to team EG in the first round of play-off.

This movie will help the DotA2-fans discover Natus Vincere's approach to the game. You will also hear team members' thoughts on the future of eSports which will help you understand better the personalities behind the nicknames.

Now let’s watch the video together.

The Game We Love - Na`Vi.Dota 2 DreamHack Winter 2012 Documentary


G-1 Champions League Asia Qualifier Phase Two Comes

The top 4 bracket from qualifier in G – 1 Champions League finally comes out after the fierce competition for several days. Phase two race will come.

The 8 teams - 4 from qualifier and the others are top 4 of last G – 1 Champions League will be divided into two groups. The race will be run in single elimination system: No.1 teams of these two groups will be qualified for the offline finals directly; No.2 and No.3 teams of groups will compete through double elimination system, the second winner enters winners’ bracket while third winner enters losers’ bracket; champions of winners’ bracket and losers’ bracket will advance to offline finals.


Dates & Matches

Group A
Group B


Empire Wins Techlabs,NaVi Only Ranks Third

TechLabs Cup is an offline tournament of DOTA2 held by Techlabs facing professional teams from CIS countries. The champion will get the prize of $5,000 and will be qualified for the grand finals in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Three teams are invited to the event and they are Na'Vi, Empire and Virtus.Pro. iCCup stands out from the qualifying and enters the offline finals. 

The offline finals is run in Double elimination format. Empire, leading by Vigoss defeats all their opponents including iCCup in the grand finals, and wins the champion with the score 2:1

Finals videos:

Team Empire vs iCCup Game 1 - Techlabs Cup Grand Final - Tobi Wan

Team Empire vs iCCup Game 2 - Techlabs Cup Grand Final - Tobi Wan

Empire will attend the offline finals of StarLadder Season V next weekend (from April 4th to April 7th). Hope they can bring us more exciting matches.

Prize allocation  
   1st:  Empire - $5,000
   2ndiCCup - $3,000
   3rdNa'Vi - $1,500
   4thVirtus.Pro - $500


Na'Vi cooperated with Ayesee to offer insight

Good news, guys! The outstanding Aaron 'Ayesee' Chambers, sexiest voice in Dota 2 will join up with Na`Vi, one of the greatest teams in the world to provide you with wonderful Dota 2 knowledge.
Pick review by Puppey: Na`Vi vs Team Liquid

Ever wanted to get into the head of Na`Vi.Dota 2 captain? Puppey himself explains how picks and bans draft goes during the official match, live commentary courtesy by Aaron "Ayesee" Chambers!

Na`Vi have partnered up with Ayesee to divulge the secrets of their successes, in what can be only dubbed a match made in heaven. In the first installment, Ayesee gives voice to the thoughts of Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov who has taken his time to evaluate and best describe his train of thought during the draft of a recent official game against Team Liquid.

With the aid of Ayesee, the stars and sparkles that occur in the grey matter of awesomeness that is the brain of Puppey is effortlessly translated into plain English for the community to enjoy. 

We’re sure the community will love the match of brilliance and baritone, and we’re happy that it will be the start of a bunch of projects between the American commentator and the Ukrainian team. In the future, they will offer us further insights into the gameplay results of the champion of the first International.

The Article Is From:gameguyz.com


New patch bring 6.77c parity

The major change of this patch was the parity with DotA version 6.77c, which nerfed Nyx Assassin, Keeper of the Light, Drow Ranger and Tranquil Boots. Timbersaw is also about to move into the Tournament version Captain's Mode this week, which means a new champion will be picked up in competitive matches since Friday. Tango and Dust of Appearance are custom models of two new items when dropped in game. Oh and Dagon visuals were updated.

DOTA2,Update, 6.77c


- Clockwerk: Fixed being able to break Hookshot movement with purge/stonegaze/etc.
- Drow Ranger: Marksmanship bonus is removed when there are nearby enemy heroes (instead of just being halved).
- Drow Ranger: Reduced Marksmanship enemy detection aoe reduced from 400 to 375.
- Keeper of the Light: Illuminate manacost from increased 150 to 150/160/170/180.
- Keeper of the Light: Illuminate AOE reduced from 400 to 350.
- Keeper of the Light: Fixed Mana Leak not getting removed by Dark Pact or Kraken Shell.
- Mirana: Fixed cast and attack behaviors during Leap.
- Nyx Assassin: Spiked Carapace duration reduced from 2.75 to 2.25.
- Nyx Assassin: Spiked Carapace cooldown increased from 14 to 23/20/17/14.
- Timbersaw: Fixed Whirling Death debuff getting dispelled.
- Timbersaw: Fixed attack capability getting reset while Magic Immune when Chakram is used.
- Timbersaw: Fixed Whirling Death stat drain not affecting Magic Immune units.
- Treant Protector: Living Armor damage reduction is now done for all instances of damage that reduce its charges.
- Tranquil Boots: Disabled speed reduced from 50 to 25.
- Tranquil Boots: Heal increased from 170 to 250.
- Tranquil Boots: Cooldown increased from 40 to 60.
- Tranquil Boots: Heal duration increased from 10 to 20.
- Tranquil Boots: Fixed being able to drop the item to reset its state.
- Tranquil Boots: Fixed damage detection threshold on Tranquil's heal.
- Heaven's Halberd: Disarm is no longer dispelled by Manta.
- Added Timbersaw to Captain's Mode (Tournament Version).
- Fixed attack acquisition range on Disruptor, KOTL, Wisp, Visage and Medusa.
- Fixed Towers sometimes attacking you too soon when moving out of range.

- Added Jakiro bot.
- Added Sand King bot.
- Bots that have been hit by multiple stacks of Sticky Napalm will now contemplate their misfortune further back in the lane.
- Fixed a bug where bots would try to cast stuns when being wildly out of range.

- Minimap now displays illusions for spectators.
- Fixed a bug that caused enemy-created Meepo illusions to get added to the original player's multi-hero interface.

- Added in-game models for when the following items are dropped from inventory into the world: Tango and Dust of Appearance.

- Updated Dagon visual effects and scaled it with level.
- Added an effect when Marksmanship is active.

- Fixed music volume bug.
- Fixed a bug preventing heroes from commenting on specific item purchases.
- Fixed AA's ult cast sounds to only play for teammates or nearby enemies that have vision.
- Added a unique sound for Viper's orb attack.
- Added sound to Diffusal Blade purge.
- Various mix tweaks across creeps, ui and the tutorial quest sounds.

- Disabled browsing & submitting in the Test Client, but allowed imports for testing purposes.
- Submissions now have the option of including a PSD containing marketing materials for the submission.
- Added Beastmaster's Hawk and Lone Druid's Bear to the Ability Import list.
- Attack animations now describe the animation timing required for the attack to match the character using them.

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Dota2 Player Decides Hero Sets

Dota2 PolyCount contest works II. It’s time for players to decide the appearance of heroes.

Click DOTA2 for more information.


StarLadder V Top 4 Come out

A little of a month has passed since the beginning of the latest season of StarLadder Star Series, and the four teams headed to Ukraine are now known.

DOTA2, Star Series

DOTA 2 Top 10 Star Series S5 Ep.2 (12-21 playdays)

While No Tidehunter have had things locked up for a while now, the rest of the top teams decided their placings only today. Second place was sealed today by Fnatic.EU who took their final victory over TCM-Gaming.

There was a chance we might have seen a three-way tie between MousesportsVirtus.Pro and Team Empire, as Empire and VP were both sitting on 33 points while Mouz was on 30 points prior to today’s match. However as Mouz bad luck with Divine Rapier Gyrocopters continued, VP were able to claim the game and take third place, which meant Mouz would not earn a place at the LAN finals.

One thing is certain already; that we will have a new winner of StarLadder, the second team ever, as four time champions Na`Vi failed to qualify for the LAN Finals this time over.

StarLadder Season 5 LAN Final Teams
No Tidehunter
Team Empire

The LAN Finals

From 4th of April until 7th of April the top four teams of this season will clash at the CyberArena in Kyev, Ukraine. In addition to Russian coverage provided by StarLadder's Roman 'Casperrrrr' Lepyohin, Vitaly 'V1lat' Volochai and  Vladislav 'mtrx4u' Suzdal, our very own  Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson will be flying out to provide live English coverage for the fifth installment of StarLadder.


New Champion Medusa

Since the DOTA2 Christmas Greevil event started from December 19th, there had been no update in DOTA2. With the end of Christmas, the new champion Medusa was on VALVE’s agenda. And Valve updated DOTA2 Test on January 9th. The new champion Medusa was added in this patch and some bugs were also fixed.

Medusa is always the carry in Dota 2. She focuses on farm in early game. And when she gets certain items and reaches certain level, she will gank. We also see her fight against 5 champions.

Medusa SkillsMedusa Picture CollectionDota 2 Patch Notes - January 9, 2013
Since the DOTA2 Christmas Greevil event started from December 19th, there had been no update in DOTA2. With the end of Christmas, the new champion Medusa was on VALVE’s agenda. And Valve updated DOTA2 Test on January 9th. The new champion Medusa was added in this patch and some bugs were also fixed.

Medusa is always the carry in Dota 2. She focuses on farm in early game. And when she gets certain items and reaches certain level, she will gank. We also see her fight against 5 champions.
Now let’s watch her skills.

Dota 2 Medusa the Gorgon


Eight Things To Expect From The International 2

On Friday, August 31st, the E-Sports world will turn its attention towards Valve's Dota 2 Tournament, The International! Given we are almost one month away from it, that we know your guts can’t hold it anymore! To ease your suffering, we have compiled a list of eight things to expect from TI2.
1) Two weeks before TI2, the groups are drafted and published.
Dota fans all over the world are left in awe. Highlights:
EG and Zenith are drafted in group A
EHOME, IG, mTw, coL drafted in group B(oring)
A flaming group F composed by CLG, M5 and DK.
2) In a fan conducted interview afterwards, Zenith.Hyhy answers that his favorite food is Milk.Shockingly, EG.Maelk tweets afterwards he is not attending TI2 Lan event stating: “I told Loomis to go all American”
3) Mouseports are called as the replacement for EG.
Suddenly, forums are filled with discussions of mouz.SingSing’s streaming capabilities and competitive pub-like gaming.

At least no one argues it's in-game drawing skills though.
4) League of Legends announces its USD 100 Billion season.
Because you know: Screw competition.
5) IceFrog finally reveals himself!
GosuGamers managed to get a photo of him. Gee, he really looks like an Ice Frog!

That awkward moment... | Hi IceFrog, you look like Ice Frog
6) In the opening game, caster Tobi Wan misses first blood.
Meanwhile in world V1lat: "Oioioioioioioioioi First Blooda!!"

Tobi Time | Maybe if I stand still, no one will notice.
7) Absolute Legends lags.
For days that is!
8) Mouz vs MUFC : Loser’s Bracket game 2.
Close to its 10th comeback of the tournament, Mouseports are defending its ancient and the inevitable happens, mouz.ComeWithMe uses his signature move: Echo Slam + Blink!
Holy, that was a game winning move!

Déjà vu anyone? | Hey guys, ulti's on CD. Don't know why! Dota 2


Dota movie maker Interview

hexOr, the German player has been around for some years. He is a very successful Dota movie maker and is very active in the competitive scene during DotA days. He’s now trying a full comeback after being a stand-in for several teams in 2012.

DOTA2, DOTA, hexOr

Dota 2 - The Art of Juking - 200th Video Special Episode

Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Can you share with us your Gamescom experience (WCG Qualifier and SEE)?

It was fun, even though we only ended up being on 3rd place we enjoyed the time there, because it was a cool event, especially if you can play there with friends you’ve known for a very long time. It was also very interesting to talk to other people and also get to know each other better, e.g. Wagamama (at that time Infused).

Moving on to your video making/editing career. How time consuming is it?

It is indeed very time consuming, but I like to do it besides my real job and Dota 2. Most of the times, it is hard to keep my channel active, but I am trying my best to provide some cool videos as much as possible to my loyal fans and of course also to everyone else who likes to watch my videos.


You mentioned constant feedback. How do you cope with criticism and haters?

Nowadays my feedback, likes etc, is about 95-99% positive, so to be honest I don’t care too much about haters, because there will always be haters :) and constructive criticism is good, it is in my opinion not negative. However, I don’t get such a good feedback all the time, sometimes there are also videos which people don’t like. If some of them put constructive criticism in the comments, I might be able to improve the quality of the further videos, which is very important to provide the best quality all the time.

Blurpi has recently returned to the movie making scene. How would you describe yours and his editing style?

Let’s talk about Blurpi. I think he’s one of the best Moviemakers. He’s experienced and I’m not sure whether he’s still visiting a Motion Graphics Class. His videos are unique because of the perfect sync with the music, and it’s terrific. He’s very creative and always thinks of many wonderful ideas. Apart from Luck Is No Excuse 2, my edit was also time-consuming and it requires much work and ideas. I want to edit my videos clean in order that people can follow the actions better instead of many effects and camera spins.


DOTA2 Windrunner General Guide

As a beauty champion in DOTA2, the Windrunner is famous for her agility and elegance. Many fans like her. And in CW contest, Windrunner is also a popular champion. She can be hardly suppressed on lane. Besides, her flexible control spells and the combination of chase and escape enable her to play position 2 and 3 in the team. This guide will introduce the play of Windrunner in pub. Let’s enjoy the agility and elegance together of Windrunner.

DOTA2, Windrunner,Guide

Although windrunner’s initial HP and movement speed are low and looks fragile, her Windrun ability makes up these two weaknesses well. Windrunner has high growth in strength and intelligence which classifies her to a tank mage. The primary attack is normal, but her famous instant missile speed makes her last hit suppressive in lane. Generally, she will play offline because she can be hardly suppressed on lane.

The windrun skill will bring 50% bonus movement speed, while slowing movement of nearby enemies. This skill is the key point that Windrunner can play offlane. The enemies can’t catch her, let alone chase her to death. And the skill also adds evasion from all physical attacks which guarantee Windrunner to deal basic attack to enemy champions in lane.

Tactics and items:
Starting from the most common situation, Windrunner is often played as an offlane solo. She should be at the second and third position of the team. In the early, windrunner should pay attention to do more last hit. Because of its instant missile speed, she can easily suppress the opponent on lane by last hit hit and deny in early game. As Windrunner plays in offlane, she should be more careful when laning. Remember to take a set of wards, one is used to prevent field monsters from spawning in enemy area and the other is used to prevent Gank. This is very important. Because last hit occupies most of players’ attention and they still need to watch the mini-map. If a red spot turns back of Windrunner, she should change the position to avoid being surrounded ad killed by enemies. It will be better for an offlane Windrunner to equip Phase Boots. Because Phase Boots can both increase the attack damage and movement speed and it also plays well when matching up Windrun. If there are carry and semi - carry, Mekansm is better for windrunner. If Windrunner have to play DPS in the group, she can build Orchid Malevolence after equipping Phase Boots and play with teammates to gank enemy’s key champion. 

If Windrunner plays in the bottom lane and protects the carry, she should pay more attention to enemy champions and deny in lane. The creep stacking in proper time is more important, because a wrong drawing of neutral creeps will make the ally lose the lane. And Windrunner also should mind the hatreds of creeps when click enemies in lane. For example, Windrunner can turn the forest and attack enemy champions in the back in a safe situation and harass champions to level up and gain gold.


How Game Creators Inspired by Books

Recently, we have had an investigation on how recent video games are affected by things like Books, Movies, and Music.

From the talk with some folks from Irrational Games several weeks ago, I got that Erik Larson's book The Devil in the White City was the main source of inspiration for BioShock Infinite. This book is about the Chicago World's Fair. It gave me a big surprise that this kind of book can shape a video game about a fictional city in the sky. According to lead artist Shawn Robertson, what they wanted to put into the game were those themes of emerging technologies and engineering power rather than the more literal tale of Chicago's quest for escaping its status as a backwater meatpacking town. Then one question came to my mind: how have the games be influenced by things outside the world of games? I inquired some game creators in order to get the answer.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Jake Solomon, Lead Designer

When it comes to XCOM, I didn't draw much inspiration from books, movies, or TV shows. Most of my external inspiration came from music. If I was ever designing a new system, I made sure to have Tangerine Dream coming out of my speakers. More than any other game, the original X-Com had a soul. It had a dark, spooky mood that really got under your skin. The music of Tangerine Dream evokes the exact same mood, and that drops me right back into 1994, hunched over my tiny 15-inch monitor playing X-Com late, late into the night. The lonely, haunting synth sounds of Tangerine Dream keep me tied to the spirit of the original game, even when I'm dreaming up new mechanics.

Tangerine Dream's atmospheric synths helped Jake Solomon settle into a groove while working on XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Tomb Raider - Darrell Gallagher, Crystal Dynamics Studio Head

There were a number of influences outside of games that we took inspiration from when making the Tomb Raider reboot. From a character perspective, Ripley from the Alien series has always been a great inspiration to us. John McClane from Die Hard is referenced as a grounded action hero, and The Descent provided inspiration for some of the darker tones in the game. The first Rambo was a classic source of survival inspiration, but probably the most significant influences were real-world stories of survival. Stories like Aron Ralston's moving tale as represented in 127 Hours, or the ordeal of the Uruguayan rugby team stranded in the Andes as portrayed in Alive. These stories captured the strength of the human spirit and a will to survive that reminded us of Lara Croft.

Bastion - Greg Kasavin, Creative Director

Bastion is one of those games that's inspired by so many different things, I can barely mention them all. There is one in particular, though, that stands out to me as being highly influential to the tone and atmosphere. When thinking about the world design at the outset of the project, we wanted to come up with something that felt different and exciting to us. We knew we were going to make an action role-playing game, but didn't want to set it in a conventional fantasy world since that's already been done well many other times.

[Cormac McCarthy's] minimal hard-edged dialogue and lush, efficient prose were great references for how we ended up handling the narration in our game. Supergiant's studio director, Amir Rao, and I are both English majors, so we started thinking about writers with distinctive styles. That's when Cormac McCarthy's name came up. Our joke was, what if instead of being a great American author, McCarthy wrote little Diablo-style games? What would they sound like? We wanted to find out. So we chased this idea of a Western-tinged, old-time-American-feeling fantasy world, inspired in part by McCarthy's novels such as All the Pretty Horses and Blood Meridian. His minimal hard-edged dialogue and lush, efficient prose were great references for how we ended up handling the narration in our game.

BioShock Infinite - Shawn Robertson, Lead Artist

Devil in the White City was a huge inspiration to us. It's obviously a story about a serial killer during the Chicago World's Fair, but what we got out of it as a team was this age of enlightenment and how much technology was introduced at that time. I didn't even know Tesla and Edison had a rivalry where one was promoting AC and one was promoting DC! That [emerging technology] starts informing possible scenarios, things bubbling up to the surface that you want to latch onto, things for writers to start writing about or things that inspire the art team in general to start making.

Cormac McCarthy's stark prose in Blood Meridian inspired Greg Kasavin's approach to the narration of Bastion.

Dishonored - Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith, Co-Creative Directors

To be honest, this is hard to answer because the biggest media influence on Dishonored was probably the video game Thief. Thief presented a dark, corrupt world full of secret factions, with its own history. Everything in the environment felt cohesively tied together in an organic way. But to the heart of your question, we would cite additional literary influences like H.P. Lovecraft, Mervyn Peake, Neil Gaiman, or Michael Moorcock. We were also guided by films like Gangs of New York and television series like Deadwood.

Mark of the Ninja - Nels Anderson, Lead Designer

Finding good inspiration for Mark of the Ninja in fiction was certainly a challenge. Unlike spy fiction (probably the closest analog to ninja), nearly all ninja fiction is, at best, an over-the-top gorefest. At worst, it's some of the corniest, campiest stuff you'll ever hope to find (for example, Miami Connection).

A series of Japanese films named Shinobi no Mono was in top quality though from 60’s. It is about Goemon Ishikawa, a famous ninja from Japanese history, something of a Robin Hood figure. But he became well known for trying to assassinate one of Japan's greatest warlords, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. His attempt failed and died from being boiled alive. Nowadays in Japan, large iron bathtubs are still called a "Goemon bath." It is a coincidence that Goemon was the leader role in the SNES game Legend of the Mystical Ninja, though his name was changed to "Kid Yang." And nothing about his life was reflected in the game. Thus we may say that real ninja’s story gave the game creator the biggest inspiration. Some of the game’s backstories were related to events and changes which really happened in history.


New Grand Theft Auto V screens

Latest batch of screenshots for Rockstar Games' upcoming open-world title show shark, submarine, planes, and blimp.

Rockstar Games has provided a holiday gifts to gamers: new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots. In a post to the company's blog titled "Happy Holidays - Enjoy", Rockstar released five new screens from the hotly hyped open-world action game.

The first screenshot shows a character floating in the ocean with a shark below. Another depicts a yellow contemporary submarine outfitted with various gadgetry. Yet another screenshot shows GTAV protagonist Franklin driving down a street with a dog in the passenger seat.

Finally, one screenshot is focused on air travel. It shows a fighter jet, what appears to be a passenger plane, and a blimp far away in the distance. Check out the Rockstar Newswire for all five new GTAV screenshots.

GTAV is officially due out during spring 2013 only for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, though Rockstar cofounder Dan Houser said PC and Wii U versions are "up for consideration."


Knights of the Old Republic Movie

Drew Karpyshyn, the former screenwriter of BioWare, has answered the swirling rumors online about the new Star Wars movie.

According to BioWare sources, Karpyshyn was secretly working on a screenplay for a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic . Lucasfilm is developing this feature film as on as one of their planned Star Wars spin-off movies.

Karpyshyn's works of video game writing are as follows: Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Jade Empire, Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and both Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

It seems not true of the KOTOR movie rumors. According to latest report in AICN, Karpyshyn confirmed that he knew nothing about the movie Knights of the Old Republic. It could be possible that he was working on it but had to keep a secret. In my opinion, it seems a rumor and not worth our attention. Karpyshyn’s old colleague at BioWare really hoped him to do this, but it could be just a rumor. We should shift our attention to other things.


DOTA2 World Ranking Update

Multiple DOTA2 leagues are growing vigorously these days, such as TheDefense, RaidCall, StarLadder and TPL. One team performs well in all events and it’s the senior power house of Europe – Fnatic. They defeat European top teams including Na'Vi, VP, Empire and nth and now they rank second on clans of GosuGamersDOTA2.


iG, the Chinese power house which is qualified for DOTA2 The International (Seattle) still ranks the first and no one can take its place. After LGD got the championship of DOTA2 The Asia 2012, it rises to the third place while DK ranks ninth due to its bad performance. LGD.int, which will fight against iG for the championship of G – League ranks No.16 depending on its excellent performance. Their current win rate is 89%. And I’m sure their ranking will go up continuously. TongFu ranks N0.17 and the young VG ranks No.22.

Ranking of European teams changes a lot. The fourth place is TeamLiquid, which takes over coL and has steady performance in all events. Although Empire is less powerful than before and falls to the sixth place, their ability can’t be belittled. As to Na'Vi, they drop to the seventh place after a series of loss in tournaments including StarLadder.

Fantic, the senior power house rises to the second place and its DotA team which has dismissed was once the first – rate team in the world. Its members of DOTA2 squad are previously HON players and they achieved wonderful performance in HON events. After the effort of nearly one year, they defeat world first – rate teams including Na'Vi, nth and Empire in recent DOTA2 tournaments. They prove their excellent ability to the world. I’m sure we will see them in Ti3.

On the contrary, Na'Vi performs badly recently and they drop to the seventh place from the initial second place. It’s also the lowest ranking in the history of Na'Vi. But Na'Vi is a off – line team with good attitude. Recently, they dance HarlemShake, I believe they will gain good performance after adjustment.



The Dota 2

Dota 2 is an upcoming multiplayer online battle arena video game being developed by Valve Corporation and the stand-alone sequel to the Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion pack, The Frozen Throne. Formally announced on October 13, 2010, via Game Informer,the game is currently available for early test access purchase, with a free-to-play business model when released.Dota 2 will be released via download by Valve's content delivery platform Steam, on which the game has been developed to run exclusively for both release and update delivery.Dota 2 will run on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Dota 2 consists of session-based online multiplayer activity, with the primary objective of each match being for teams to destroy their opposing team's fortified stronghold. Each player controls a player character called a "hero", who is given the responsibility of participating in team combat, which generally takes place along a series of lanes that connect their opposing bases, lined with defensive towers. The gameplay elements are largely incorporated from Defense of the Ancients, with the game's lead designer, IceFrog, being the longest-serving and current developer of the Warcraft III mod.