DOTA2 Update: Skywrath Mage, Bristleback and Slark Added in Captain’s Mode

Bug fixes are the tone of the DOTA2 patch log this week as well as Bristleback, Slark and Skywrath Mage arriving in the captains mode. There are also some changes of Abaddon, Tauren Chieftain and Tresdin. Below is the changelog:

DOTA2, Update

- Enabled Drow and Tusk in Captain's Mode (Tournament Version).
- Enabled Bristleback, Slark and Skywrath Mage in Captain's Mode (Latest Version).
- Invoker: Fixed Cold Snap being purgable.
- Skywrath Mage: Fixed hitbox being too small.
- Slark: Fixed Shadow Dance giving Slark flying vision.
- Slark: Fixed Shadow Dance granting passive bonuses to Slark illusions.
- Slark: Fixed an issue causing Shadow Dance's passive modifier to not update in the UI, despite being active.
- Slark: Fixed Dark Pact continuing while Slark is dead.
- Slark: Essence Shift counters on both Slark and enemy heroes will show the total duration ( i.e. the time that the most recent stack will expire.)
- Slark: Fixed a number of incorrect spell interactions with Dark Pact.
- Slark: Fixed a number of horizontal movement ability interactions with Pounce.
- Troll Warlord: Fixed Berserker's Rage bonus damage not being applied as base damage.
- Tusk: Fixed Frozen Sigil not affecting magic immune units.


- All Defense 2 War Dogs are now Vintage quality.
- Dota 2 Vintage quality items can now be traded on the Steam Community Marketplace.


- Added HUD Skins to the Workshop Importer.


The International 3 Qualifiers Detailed

Apr 27 the first news from Valve about The International 2013 has finally arrived, with some details of the main event which will be hosted from August 7th - 11th, once again to be held at aBenaroya Hall in Seattle. The qualifiers will be as last year split into 2 regions, the West being hosted by The GD Studio and the East being hosted by Beyond the Summit. Livestreams and full coverage for this great event will be provided by gameguyz.

DOTA2, The International 2013, qualifiers
While there are many missing details such as the structure of the qualifiers, and the times of the matches the dates for the tournament have been released:

Western Qualifier: May 13th - 19th, 2013
Eastern Qualifier: May 20th - 26th, 2013

Recently iG becomes the first team invited to the tournament. We also now know that there will be a total of three slots available for qualifier teams, with both regions receiving one qualifier slot straight up, while the runners up of both regions will play for the third wildcard slot at the event, akin to how Mousesports and World Elite played for the final spot at the tournament last year, after MUFC had to back out due to complications during their travel to the event. This also means that there will be a total of 13 teams which will receive straight invites to the event.

Please click here to review more about The International 2012!


iG,the First Team Invited to The International 2013

As champion of The International 2012, Invictus Gaming becomes the first team which is invited to The International 2013. All the members are happy about it. It fully proves the international influence of iG.

iG members showing off their invitations

iG's deserved invite should be no surprise as they have been dominant for over a year, especially with their recent domination and win in G-League season 2. As the winner of The International 2012, iG will return this year to defend their crown.

Invictus Gaming roster:

Fei Chi 'Ferrari_430' Luo
Yao 'Zhou' Chen
Cen 'YYF' Jiang
Hong Da 'Faith' Zeng
Hock Chuan 'ChuaN' Wong

Which team will be the next to be invited to The International 2013? Na’vi or some other team?

Please leave your comment below and let’s discuss together.


ARS ART officially Joins Virtus Pro

Ten days ago Virtus.Pro announced that Sergey "ARS-ART / Smile" Revin is going to be a temporary stand-in, since Alexander "Santa" Koltan had been benched. Whereas today, on April Fools' Day, they state that Sergey has become a full-time player. Even though it can be regarded as a joke, our editorial staff tends to believe that this is a legit announcement. At least, it is not as absurd as el'Pride claiming to drop their male and female Dota 2 squads and sign Gambit Gaming's League of Legends team.

Why do we think it is true? First of all, Virtus.Pro managed to step their game up significantly over this short period of time. They were crowned as The Defense #3 champions, having defeated Fnatic.EU in the Grand Final this Saturday. Moreover, yesterday VP finished second at their own Russian Dota 2 League, having lost to Dignitas.

DOTA2, Virtus.Pro, ARS-ART
Secondly, all of us could see what Ilya "Illidan / Airman" Pevcaev meant, when he said that Sergey allows them to create more openings around the map. It can be exemplified by his blink-stun initiations on Nyx Assassin in the first game of The Defense #3 Grand Final. Additionally, it is worth highlighting his play on Jakiro in both Grand Finals - Sergey created a lot of space and time for his team with perfect stun positioning in team fights.
Last, but not least. There are no real openings for ARS-ART in other CIS powerhouses. Even though he had played in international rosters before, it seems like it is not worth refering to it - VP have proven to be a fearsome opponent, so there is no reason to leave "The Bears".

Virtus.Pro roster:
 Yaroslav 'NS' Kuznetsov
Sergey 'KSi' Kuzin
Oleg 'Crazy' Kolensichenko
 Ilya 'Airman / Illidan' Pevcaev
 Sergey 'ARS-ART / Smile' Revin


Na'Vi Wins EMS One

After several days’ fierce matches, ESL 2013 Dota2 is finally over. Natus Vincere became the EMS Major Series One champion after beating RoX.KI with 2:1. The total prize pool of the tournament is $35,000, with champion gets $12,000, second place gets $7,000, 3rd and 4th places get $4,000, 5th to 8th places get $2,000.

RaidCall EMS One Spring Season Finals Bracket

RaidCall EMS One Final Standings

1st -Na`Vi - $12,000
2nd -RoX.KiS - $7,000
3rd-4thMousesports andAbsolute Legends - $4,000
5th-8th - $2,000

Let’s review the videos of the finals

RoX.KIS vs NaVi g.1 Final RaidCall EMS One Spring 2013

RoX.KIS vs NaVi g.2 Final RaidCall EMS One Spring 2013

RoX.KIS vs NaVi g.3 Final RaidCall EMS One Spring 2013


New Hero Elder Titan Presentation

The official site hasn’t released details about the new hero, Elder Titan, but from what they updated we can learn that this hero is of high completion and it will come out soon. Fans were discussing about the hero’s name, someone called him Elder Titan but without official news, we can’t settle it down. Let’s take a look at ET’s skill in advance.

visual effects-- Elder Titan

Pictures about Elder Titan:
DOTA2,Hero, Elder Titan


Hacker Attacks G1 for 20k Bet Game Continues on April 23

It’s reported that the G-1 DOTA2 Champion League held by 17173 has suffered DDOS attacks. Players got disconnected from the game and were unable to reconnect. The match has to postpone.

DOTA2, G-1 Champions League, Hacker
The attacks started on April 14. Many teams such as Dignitas, Evil Geniuses and Kaipi were affected. 17173 said they were trying to resolve the problem under the guide of Valve’s technician. “Over the past few days, the G-1 Western Qualifiers has been the subject of DDoS attacks from unknown sources, which has caused players to continuously disconnect and made it impossible to carry out the competition.” G1 organizer said on Reddit, “In light of the current situation, 17173 has decided to postpone the Western Qualifiers while waiting for a technical solution, possibly from Valve.” We have prepared anti-attack guide for all the teams in western qualifiers. And after communicating with Valve, we will report details of the unidentified attack of G1 League.
In Sunday’s match, players from Evil Geniuses disconnected from the game, unable to reconnect. And eventually the win was given to Absolute Legends after a long pause. Absolute Legends had the advantage at the time of the attack.
Though no attack source is confirmed, an anonymous user alleged admission of guilt through a post on 4Chan. He said he was not doing this for league, but he had a 20k bet on QPandas. That was speculated. However, the problem is how can the organizer of G1 prevent the next attack?  This is not the first tournament suffered DDOS attacks. Organizers and team leaders have to protect players’ IP more carefully.
Now, after communicating with Valve, we decided to stream the matches of EU and NA regions at 4 PM on April 23. Please watch it at that time. Thanks for your support to G1 Champions League.


G-1 Champions League Delay Due to DDoS Attacks

G-1 Dota2 Western match between QPandas and Dignitas held at 20:00 in April 15th, 2013 had been postponed. Web server’s attack happened when G-1 Western just started, a gambling website must be behind the scene (Obviously, but it hasn’t be proved). They hit players by DDoS attacks which caused lag issues in order to win the gamble. The host rescheduled following matches with Valve. If you know any inside information, please post on our forum. Thanks for your support!

According to what happened, we want to tell people who control matches in an illegal way that please leave Esports matches in a fair condition.


NA'Vi's Heading to China Favorable for DOTA2 World Format?

These days, the news draws all players’ attention that European power house Na'Vi will head to China and prepare for TI3 this year [Related news]. No one dares to belittle them though their performance in recent tournaments is not as good as before and their place in DOTA filed is unshakable. Currently they are improving ability by a series of roster changes. Their aim is to conquer Asia! What will be the influence of their move over DOTA2 world format (Please click the following images to vote and comment)?


Na'Vi’s coming will improve Asian DOTA2 ability. As they are renowned for flexible play style, their competition with other Asian teams will promote gameplay exchange. Na'Vi has won trophies of all European tournaments and they will practice more to defend their place in DOTA2. Since they were defeated by iG on TI2 previously, they will watch more excellent matches to learn. And this is the best gift for us. After their leaving, other teams will fight for the dominator of Europe!


DOTA2 world format will tend to Asia after Na'Vi’s heading t China. In the end, China will be the center of Dota 2. We all see the performance of Chinese teams on TI2 and European teams won’t be the rival of Chinese power houses after they train in China and their gameplay is known by Chinese teams since they lack of the strong execution and discipline of Chinese players and their threat to them is flexible tactic and adaptable ability. We won’t expect such imbalanced situation.

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G-1 Champions League Removes Evil Geniuses

Update: with several network issues of the  Evil Geniuses, a decision was made by the G-1 League to remove Evil Geniuses and in match between  Evil Geniuses andAbsolute Legends, AL defeated EG 2:0 and went to semi-final directly to against Team Liquid. In another match, Mousesports defeated Virtus.Pro 2:1 winning a position in semi-final. 
Top Four of G-1 Champions League have come out, the G-1 Champions League is now going to head in to the Western qualifiers part to determinate which two teams will go in to the LAN finals.
Absolute Legends VS Evil Geniuses

During the second game yesterday between EG and AL, EG's players dropped at the 17th minute and could not reconnect.
Since we were unable to load the game with steam, due to AL's significant Gold and Experience advantage and the fact that it was EG's members who dropped, G-1 finally decided to rule a 0:2 def-loss to AL

Mousesports VS Virtus.Pro

VP vs Mouz - Game 1 (G-1 League - NA/EU Qualifier)

VP vs Mouz - Game 2 (G-1 League - NA/EU Qualifier)

VP vs Mouz - Game 3 (G-1 League - NA/EU Qualifier)

Upper Bracket:
Notice: No Tidehunter changes name into Alliance


LongDD Joins LGD, DD Becomes Caster

Previously we reported LongDD training in LGD.cn and in the G1 Champions League, we found that the roster of LGD.cn was changed. Huang "LongDD" Xiang replaced Xie "DD" Bin to play in Gi Champions League. And today, LGD Chinese DOTA 2 squad has successfully qualified for the G-1 Champions League LAN event.
Meanwhile, LGD announced that Huang "LongDD" Xiang would become a permanent member in their roster, replacing Xie "Sc" Bin who would continue to help the team as a caster.
In addition, official Chinese caster Sun "Kent" Gege and media manager Helen "XiiTuzi" Xu also joined LGD.

LDG Official Microblog:
Hello ladies and gentlemen, we have some announcements to make. As you may know, our Chinese Dota 2 has successfully qualified for the G-1 Champions League LAN event following their brilliant performance in the third and last phase. Throughout the competition, Huang "LongDD" Xiang has played very well, and will thus become a permanent member in our roster, replacing Xie "Sc" Bin who will continue to help the team as well as become a caster.

In addition, we would like to welcome Sun "Kent" Gege as our official Chinese caster and Helen "XiiTuzi" Xu as our media manager. Big thanks to our sponsors Taobao Gaming, Razer, LGD Hot Sauce and all people who have been supporting LGD. We will do our best to be the top!

LGD.Cn Roster:
 Zhang 'xiao8' Ning (Captain)
 Leong 'DDC' Fatmeng
 Lio 'Sylar' Jiajun
 Yao 'Yao' Zhengzheng
 Xiang 'LongDD' Huang